5K Runs for Charity T-Shirt Designs

5K Runs for Charity T-Shirt Designs

Posted On September 1, 2014 by Bryce Stock

5K runs for charity are a great way to provide for a worthy cause while also giving the community a fun activity for the whole family. Providing participants with t-shirts gives them a connection to the event and will encourage them to return to the 5-K run each year.
That’s why ThriftShirts.com offers a wide variety of t-shirt designs for 5-K runs and charities. Choose from a wide variety of 5-K run t-shirt design and customize them for your cause. Add clip art such as runners, walkers, charity ribbons, or upload your own custom logos and art. Our online t-shirt designer makes designing a custom t-shirt for your charity easy.

Tips for Designing 5K Run T-Shirts:

  • Keep designs Unisex. Designing shirts that both men and women will feel comfortable wearing will maximize your promotional reach. 
  • One and two color designs will keep the production cost of the t-shirts low and help avoid shirts from becoming too busy.
  • Avoid T-Shirt colors that show stains. Ash grey or Athletic gray t-shirts do not show stains as readily as white or other light colored shirts. This can prolong the life of t-shirts and keep people wearing t-shirts longer. The longer the t-shirts are worn the more impressions they will generate.

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